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Below👇🏾 are some of the essentials you will need to brew some delicious tea.

I utilize most of these items daily and they have been a staple in my tea making routine.😉

There are 6 tea🍵 essentials being displayed on this page.

Check these products and see which ones you may need to purchase so you can enjoy the benefits that drinking tea has to offer!  

Tea Bags/Loose Leaf Teas🌿🍵

Tea🍵 is one of my favorite beverages to have first thing in the morning☀️ and right before I go to bed.🌙

It has many healing and detoxifying properties.

Check out the ‘Red Tea Detox’ for some awesome tea recipes to cleanse your body with.

There are different kinds of teas you can choose from like green tea, black tea, matcha tea, white tea, and herbal tea.

There are tea bags and loose leaf teas 🌿 🍵 you can use too.

I use both tea bags and loose leaf teas.

My favorite tea bag brand is Yogi Teas.

I love the little sayings that are at the end of each tea bag.

They are usually inspirational and encouraging.

They have a variety of different kinds of teas.

These different teas include relieving stress, soothing a sore throat, improving digestion, getting your body and mind ready for bed,😴 give you energy💥 and many more!

They have a sample pack you can purchase to try out the different flavors they have.

You can check out other tea brands by clicking on the “See All Tea Bags/Loose Leaf Teas” 🌿 🍵link under the image.

To purchase this sampler, click on the button below.👇🏾

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When you are not in a hurry, the best way to make tea is in a cast iron teapot.

This kind of pot releases iron ions and absorbs chloride ions in your water.💦

By doing this, it creates a sweeter and softer drinking water suitable for all kinds of tea🍵 making.

You can boil your tea in the pot or just your water.

The cast iron pot being displayed is in a traditional Japanese tetsubin design.

It is not only the best decoration to any kitchen, but it is the best kind of teapot to use for all those tea🍵 lovers❤️ out there.

To purchase this teapot, click on the button below. 👇🏾

You can take a look at other teapots by clicking on the “See All Teapots” link under the image.


Rock Sugars

These little guys look like little pebbles.

If you want to add a little bit of sweetness to your tea🍵 naturally, these rock sugars are the perfect addition to your tea essentials.

These little crystals are pure, unprocessed amber rock sugars.

It sweetens your tea without changing its flavor the way other sweeteners do.

Just steep them with your tea🍵 for maximum flavor.

The ones I got were from Teavana and I got a pound of it.

You can get a smaller size if a pound is too much.

Check out other rock sugars by clicking on the “See All Rock Sugars” link under the image.

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Loose Leaf Tea🌿 🍵 Scoopers

If you love loose leaf tea,🌿 🍵 then this tea scooper is the perfect item for you.

This scooper allows you to get the perfect amount of tea each time.

With its stainless steel design, this scooper picks up large tea leaves🌿 🍵 with ease and will not rust, break or melt.

The tea scooper displayed is from Teavana.

Check out other tea scoopers by clicking on the “See All Loose Leaf Tea Scoopers” 🌿 🍵link under the image.

You can purchase this tea scooper by clicking on the button below.👇🏾

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Tea🍵 Strainers

When you are using loose leaf tea🌿 🍵and you are not making it in a teapot, you will need something to strain your tea in.

A tea strainer comes in all different sizes and designs.

I got one that looks like a strawberry.🍓

The main purpose of a tea strainer is to keep all of the leaves🌿 out of your tea.🍵

It is like drinking orange🍊 juice, but without the pulp.

This tea strainer is made out of stainless steel mesh.

It keeps the leaves from getting into your tea and this tea strainer is easy to clean.

It is attached with a chain that you can use to pull it out of your water💦 once you are finished steeping your tea.🍵

You can check out other tea strainers especially that strawberry🍓one, by click on the “See All Tea Strainers” link under the image.

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Travel✈️ Tea🍵 Mugs

Running out the door, but want to bring the amazing tea🍵 you just made with you?

Grab a travel tea mug✈️🍵 and you are all set.

There are even some that have an attached strainer so if you enjoy loose leaf tea,🌿🍵 you can steep it on the go!

This 100% organic bamboo travel tea mug✈️🍵 holds 17oz of liquids.

It has a high-quality stainless steel interior that is resistant to odor, stains, and bacteria.

You do not have to worry about your tea🍵 getting cold❄️ since this travel mug✈️ utilizes the latest vacuum insulation technology to keep your hot🔥 beverage piping hot for 12 hours and your iced cold❄️beverages cold all day!

There are no harmful plastics, chemical smells or toxins used in the making of this mug.

Each one is tested to the highest standard and is certified both BPA and lead-FREE!

With this bamboo travel mug,✈️ you also get a 2 piece detachable tea🍵 infuser and strainer.

Enjoy brewing your favorite loose leaf🌿🍵 or herbal tea on the go or use this strainer as a fruit🍏🍐🍊🍓🍋🥝🍍🍇 infuser water💦 bottle!

The choice is yours!

You can check out more traveltea mugs✈️🍵by clicking the “See All Travel Tea Mugs” link under the image!

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I hope you enjoyed taking a look at my tea essentials!🍵

I love drinking tea especially when it is cold outside,☃️ I’m not feeling well,🤧🤒 or when I just want to relax and unwind.💆🏾‍♀️

If you are a tea drinker 🍵like me then you will need some of these essentials to brew the perfect tea.

Be sure to check out my other healthy living resources!


To bringing more tea into your life,


Morgan Green

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