Orange Peel


Need some relaxation in your life? Why not try some aromatherapy! Orange Peel Box gives you the gift of aromatherapy every month. Experience the soothing scent of peace, calm, and relaxation in your room, on your body and in your soul.


Each full-sized product is made by an expert aromatherapist who use ONLY 100% pure organic plant ingredients. Not only are these products safe for you, but they are also safe for the environment. Create the mood in your room or give yourself a little boost during the day.


What You Get Inside:

  • Receive 4 to 6 full-sized, premium quality, 100% pure organic, plant based aromatherapy products that are consciously sources and environmentally and responsibly made for you to enjoy
  • Each product is created by expert aromatherapists who have the knowledge to bring out the therapeutic benefits of plants to heal your mind, body, and spirit
  • Each month’s selections will allow you to explore the diverse and growing world of aromatherapy
  • These products can be used for your home or body and they include: candles, diffusers, misters, oil burners, body oil, shaving cream, shampoo, balm, perfume, bath salts, inhalers, soap, and much more
  • Each month’s selections is based upon the previous months so you will have time to enjoy each unique product and not receive too much of one type of product
  • They cost more than other aromatherapy products, but you can be rest assured, they are good for your body and mother earth. No synthetic fragrance or dyes. No alcohols or solvents. No petroleum derived products.
  • Free shipping and you can cancel anytime.
Start enjoying the benefits of aromatherapy in your home with Orange Peel Box here!


Breathe Deep and Enjoy!