This Program Will Literally Keep Your Socks Off (Yoga Burn Review)

The Program Socks Off

Can you really burn calories and create that figure you always wanted by doing yoga? You better believe it, buddy! Yoga Burn aka ‘Her Yoga Secrets’  is a 12-week program for women created by Zoe Bray Cotton.

It uses Dynamic Sequencing which teaches you the basics of every pose and then shows you how to apply these poses into a more challenging workout.

Yoga Burn is a physical product that is divided into 3 phases. You spend 4 weeks on each one and gradually progress from week to week. Each phase contains an introduction as well as 3 workout videos.

These videos are well designed and offer great instructions to guide every participant. The program advises you to complete the 3 videos at least once per week. For faster results, you will have to dedicate more time to each Yoga Burn video.

As an added BONUS, the program contains 4 extra videos including tips and tools and Yoga Pose Training that will help guide you to complete the Yoga Burn program successfully!

If you are someone who has tried dozens of exercises and medications to lose weight and it didn’t work, then I think this could be the answer. This system is getting rave reviews from users around the globe!

This program starts at $47 and you can check out the official site HERE! There is a 60-day money back guarantee as well.

So…Who is Zoe Bray-Cotton?


Zoe Bray Cotton is a certified yoga instructor, personal trainer, and female body transformation expert. She has experience teaching yoga for relaxation purposes and working 1-on-1 as a personal trainer to help people tone their bodies and lose weight.

She has over a decade of experience teaching all styles of yoga in gyms and studios all across North America. As a yoga instructor, Zoe did a great job making this program simple and easy to follow. Even complete newbies to yoga can easily follow along with the program.

What is Dynamic Sequencing?

Zoe takes a unique approach to yoga by using Dynamic Sequencing. It allows you to learn the correct poses, duration, and sequence of each pose so that you get the maximum benefits. This will help you to progress from the beginning of the workout to the end. It will push you enough to prevent workout plateau and build a better feminine shape faster.

The 3 Phases of the Yoga Burn System For Women

Phase 1: The Foundational Flow Phase

This phase will help beginners understand the foundations of yoga. You will also build a strong mind-body connection that will help you in later phases. You will also learn strategic poses to boost your metabolism too.

Phase 2: The Transitional Flow Phase

In this phase, you will merge the poses in the first phase to the second phase to create sequences. This will, in turn, enhance your mood and eliminating problem areas.

Phase 3: The Mastery Flow Phase

Here, you’ll combine everything you learned in the first and second phases into the third one. The sequences in this phase will boost your metabolism and create that feminine toned body.

There are 2 additional bonuses offered with the Yoga Burn System:

  • Bonus 1: Follow-along audio classes
  • Bonus 2: The Tranquility Flow

 What is the Yoga Burn Setup?

There are 3 workouts in each of the 3 phases. This gives you 9 videos (plus bonuses) that are shipped to your home. Each workout is 15 minutes long but plays 3 times for a total of 45 minutes.

Each phase should last 4 weeks. You should aim to complete all 3 workouts once every week, along with the Tranquility Flow bonus. This gives a total of 4 days per week of yoga.

For example, an ideal week should look something like this:

  • Monday: Workout 1
  • Tuesday: Walk outside
  • Wednesday: Workout 2
  • Thursday: Rest
  • Friday: Workout 3
  • Saturday: Walk outside
  • Sunday: Tranquility Flow

Once you repeat this schedule 4 times in phase 1 (for a total of 4 weeks), you can move on to phase 2 with a similar outline. This outline can be formed in any way that works best for your lifestyle. Again, the goal is to go through each workout at least once per week along with the Tranquility Flow.

Program Benefits

Zoe Bray Cotton states that her program is unique because:Zoey.png


  •  Yoga Burn can be tailored to individual needs. Zoe explains that generic yoga classes do not tailor for individual physical capabilities and goals.



  • Yoga Burn will lower stress levels and produce relaxation, unlike other programs. Zoe explains that attending conventional yoga classes raises the levels of cortisol (the “stress hormone”), which causes the body to store more fat. She says this because you may be rushing from work to get to class on time. The room you are in is very small and you can smell every toxin that is leaving your neighbor’s body which is disgusting. The cost of a yoga class is super expensive! Or you just may not be progressing the way you want to be.



  • With Yoga Burn, your routine will change according to your abilities as you advance through the program. Zoe explains that, in order to achieve results, you should be doing yoga poses and routines that are specific to your goals. This led to the development of Dynamic Sequencing.


**Yoga Burn Bonuses**

The Yoga Burn program contains more than just the 3 phases of workouts. Zoe also gives you bonuses to enhance your yoga experience. These can be done at any time throughout the 12-week program.

Yoga Burn Bonus 1: Tranquility Flow: This workout is 15 minutes and uses principles of restorative yoga. The goal of this yoga session is to help you relax and stretch the body after exercising or if you need to de-stress yourself. You will learn how to have proper posture while you sit and walk.

Yoga Burn Bonus 2: Beginner Flow: This is a 45-minute yoga workout session that is great for beginners since it is at a slower pace than the other videos. The poses are also very basic so they are easy to perform. There is also a relaxation session included in this workout.

Yoga Burn Bonus 3: Pose Tutorials: Zoe understands that there are complete beginners and this bonus is designed to give you step by step instructions to perform each pose correctly. You will get 21 complete tutorials of all the basic yoga poses. If you are worried about not having the correct form, then check out this tutorial first before going through the workouts.

Final Verdict

This is a high-quality yoga-based workout program and the instructor behind it is highly qualified and really knows her stuff. The main thing I didn’t like about this program was that there were no clear instructions as to which video you do each day. Meaning:

Monday: Phase 1 video 1

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: Phase 1 video 2

So on and so forth.

The schedule you saw above was made up. It did not come with the program itself. So I had to make up my own workout schedule which kind of stunk since I was not sure if I was using the system correctly.

I definitely got results, but that was a little bit confusing. The other thing I did not like about this product was that the video was chopped up into 15-minute sections. It wasn’t a continual flow if that makes sense. It would just repeat once the 15 minutes was over. This was a personal preference type of thing so this negative really isn’t that big of a deal.

If you are looking to bring more yoga into your life then this is a great program to try. I recommend it and if it ends up not being for you, you can always get a full refund. It’s essentially a ‘no risk opportunity’ to lose weight and get in shape.

You can grab your copy of Yoga Burn HERE!

** Did I mention this is a physical product?**

To you getting yoga burn,


Morgan Green

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Abdominal Weight Loss: Yoga Can Help You Lose the Gut!

Abdominal Weight Loss
What most people might not be aware of is that yoga can actually help immensely for weight loss in the abdominal region. There are specific poses, that target excess weight in the abdomen. Couple that up with a customized diet and those seeking weight loss in that area will start to see some extreme results.

Let’s go over the best yoga poses to help you lose that gut, shall we?

1. The Sun Salutations

These are a combination of poses that serve as a warm up-routine for a yoga session or class. They are very similar to the popular calisthenics exercise known as burpees. Due to the forward and backward bending motions, after performing a few of these on a daily basis, you are bound to notice a difference overall. You will begin to see some muscle definition and definitely a change in your abdominal area.

2. The Bow Pose

This simple pose involves laying flat on your belly and grabbing your ankles with both arms while simultaneously lifting your head up high and arching your back a little. When performed correctly, you should be resting on your abdomen. Needless to say, it is a pose commonly recommended to target that problem area as well as helps to prevent and correct chronic constipation!

3. The Peacock Pose

This is slightly more challenging. The objective is to balance your abdomen on your conjoined elbows while simultaneously raising your legs and head off the floor. Naturally, merely attempting it speeds up weight loss and helps to detoxify the visceral organs. The preparatory stage of this pose will still get you the results you are looking for until you can fully master this pose. So no worries.

4. The Abdominal Lift

This is not a pose, per se. It is a specific exercise that involves you exhaling your breath and pulling the diaphragm in while holding the breath out. This is a specific abdominal exercise for spiritual rejuvenation and detoxification.

Other Poses

Now there are other poses out there that can help you achieve the same goal. These poses include the shoulder-stand, the forward-bending pose, the spinal twist, and the wheel pose. Not only do they target that problem area, they also help you tone your muscles! Please note that if you are pregnant or on your menstrual cycle, some of these poses might not be the best to execute.

I strongly recommend that you eat a healthy diet to help increase the effects of these poses. Other fantastic exercises for abdominal weight loss include intense aerobics, the use of the ab-wheel, basic sit-ups, windmills etc.

Empower yourself with these simple tips and yoga poses to achieve your goal for weight loss!

To yoga helping with abdominal weight loss,


Morgan Green

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Part 12-This Is Why You Wear Proper Yoga Attire (Why Yoga Matters)

Yoga Attire

Welcome to the final post of Why Yoga Matters! Last week, we talked about supporting a healthy lifestyle through the practice of yoga. This is the final post of Why Yoga Matters. Today, we are going to talk about the importance of proper yoga attire. It doesn’t matter whether you are taking a class at your local gym, having a private session with your yoga instructor or practicing your poses in the comfort of your own home, LOOKING GOOD always makes you feel good!

Even though yoga doesn’t really require specific clothing to be worn to practice, it’s a good idea to invest in some yoga attire so that you are comfortable and feel good during your practice. Purchasing the right type of clothing will make your workouts much more enjoyable as well. The main thing to consider when purchasing yoga clothing is that it should provide maximum comfort and flexibility.

Let’s start off by talking about what you shouldn’t wear.

What Not To Wear

You don’t want to wear anything that restricts movement. This includes tight-fitting clothing like blue jeans, tailored clothes, dress shirts as well as synthetic clothing that restricts airflow.

You want to look for clothing that is loose fitting, sweat absorbent and comfortable. Avoid form-fitting clothing too since that restricts blood flow and inhibits proper breathing techniques. You need to be able to move freely like a bird so always try on the clothes before you make a purchase to ensure proper mobility.

A Ton of Options To Choose From

When it comes to shopping for yoga attire there are a wide variety of options available on the market today. You will find everything from shorts and shirts to sweat clothes, leotards and yoga pants all designed to make your experience fashionable and fun.

Look for clothing that is stretchable and preferably made from cotton
fibers. That is one of the most breathable materials you could wear. It also helps to keep you cool during your workouts.

If you’re planning on trying any type of power yoga or hot yoga classes you will also want to look for clothing that is sweat absorbent. There are specifically designed products meant to absorb sweat and keep it away from your skin to keep you dry and comfortable as well as help prevent irritation.

While most of the time yoga is practiced in your bare feet, it’s a good idea to invest in a nice pair of yoga shoes or at least grip socks just in case the classroom is cold or the instructor decides to take the class outside for an open-air session.

When it comes to the practice of yoga, the most import thing to consider when purchasing clothing is that it is comfortable and it fits your personal style. Remember, even if you only practice yoga from the comfort of your own home investing in some nice yoga apparel will make your workouts more enjoyable.

To the final installment of Why Yoga Matters,


Morgan Green

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Part 11-How Yoga Can Support A Healthy Lifestyle (Why Yoga Matters)

Healthy Lifestyle

Last week, we talked about getting energized with yoga. Today, we are going to talk about supporting a healthy lifestyle through the practice of yoga.

Psychology Behind Starting A Healthy Lifestyle

There is some very interesting psychology behind the thought of starting a healthy lifestyle. Many students of western thinkers such as Freud, Jung, and Fromm found familiar and indeed, quite rational. When you decide to be happy or start a healthy lifestyle, something within you activates. A kind of will or awareness emerges. This awareness begins to observe the jungle of negative thoughts that begin to swim around in your mind.

Rather than attacking each of these thoughts since that would be a never-ending struggle, yoga simply advises you to observe them. Through observing those thoughts and not giving them any power, those thoughts will eventually dimish. This happens because they become exposed and thus unfed by the unconscious, unobserving mind!

At the same time, as you begin to reduce your level of internal negativity, subsequent external negative behaviors begin to fall off. Habits such as excessive drinking, emotional overeating, and engaging in behaviors that ultimately lead to unhappiness and suffering little by little die out.

Yoga Can Help You Kick Those Bad Habits

With this being said, it would be an overstatement to imply that practicing yoga is the easy way to, say, quit smoking or to start exercising regularly. If that were the case, yoga would be ideal! Yoga simply shows that based on rational and scientific cause and effect relationships that have been observed for centuries, when someone begins to feel good on the inside, they naturally tend to behave in ways that enhance and promote this feeling of inner wellness. So it may be a good idea to incorporate a little bit of yoga into your life.

While smoking (for example) is an addiction and the body will react to the lessening of addictive ingredients such as tar and tobacco, yoga will help the process. It will help provide such individuals with the strength and logic that they need in order to discover that smoking actually doesn’t make them feel good.

Being In Tune With Your Body

In fact, once they start observing how they feel, they’ll notice without a doubt that instead of feeling good, smoking actually makes one feel quite bad inside. It’s a lot harder to breathe, for one.

Now, this post isn’t an anti-smoking post and if you’ve struggled with smoking then please don’t be offended by any of this. There is no attempt here at all to imply that quitting smoking is easy or just a matter of willpower. If it were that easy, then there wouldn’t be hotlines or addictive centers to help people quit. Scientists have proven that there is a true physical addiction that is in place. Alongside that, there is also an emotional addiction that can be just as strong if not stronger.

Next time, we will be talking about more about the importance of proper yoga attire.

To another issue of Why Yoga Matters,


Morgan Green

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Part 10-How To Get Energized By Yoga (Why Yoga Matters)

Energized By Yoga

Last week, we talked about yoga poses that you do while you’re at work. This week, we are going to talk about getting energized with power yoga.

What is Power Yoga?

Power yoga is often referred to as the western version of Ashtanga Yoga and is very different from yoga in the traditional sense. It focuses less on meditation, while still incorporating specific breathing techniques.

This type of yoga combines poses with deep breathing, it also requires more strength and flexibility because the poses are done continuously and held for a more extended period of time. This fast-paced yoga is also known for incorporating more cardio than any other style of yoga.

It can be extremely challenging, especially for beginners. It requires a lot of physical strength, mental ability, and extreme concentration. Classes usually run from 60 to 90 minutes, so endurance is also required.

The way that power yoga is practiced can vary greatly from class to class depending on the instructor. Each instructor interprets the poses and combines them differently.

How Did Power Yoga Get Its Name?

Beryl Bender Birch was the one who gave Power Yoga its name. He was a teacher of Ashtanga Yoga and the author of the book Power Yoga.

While power yoga has some similarities with the modified versions of Ashtanga Yoga, certain practices of Iyengar yoga and Bikram also influenced its development. Just like these other types of yoga, it includes basic poses that most practitioners are familiar with. Making it easy to transcend to power yoga from other types of yoga.

Although power yoga has been influenced by various other types of yoga, it still contains many of the traditional poses and discipline meant to unite the body, spirit, and mind. Holding true to the main objective of teaching you to connect to your inner power through discipline, poses, and practices.

As I mentioned above, power yoga requires that you dig deep into your physical, mental and spiritual power. It is considered a good training for athletes, simply because of the focus and concentration it requires.

Power yoga has several other benefits as well, including weight loss. Because of its fast-paced nature, it is an excellent choice for people who are looking to shed a few extra pounds. This type of yoga causes your heart rate to increase which allows you to burn up to 200 and 40 calories or more during a 60-minute session.

Safety Tips Before Starting

However, there are safety tips that you should take into consideration
before you begin the practice of power yoga:

– Beginners should never start the practice of power yoga without checking with their instructor to make sure that they work with beginners.

– Because power yoga is so physically and mentally challenging it’s important that beginners choose a class that is designed to introduce them to the more basic yoga positions first. This is to ensure that they are strong and flexible enough before moving on to advanced poses.

– When first practicing power yoga, it is important to follow your instructor’s step-by-step instructions and concentrate on maintaining correct alignment and proper technique to help avoid injury.

– While power yoga is often practiced by athletes during the rehabilitation process after injury it is important to be cautious and focus on maintaining good postures to prevent further injury.

– Women who are pregnant should consult their physician before beginning to practice any type of yoga, especially during their first trimester. Experienced practitioners will often be able to continue practicing some type of yoga throughout their entire pregnancy.

As with any other type of strenuous physical exercise, it is important to consult with your physician before beginning a new yoga routine especially a power yoga one.

Make sure you look for the next post. We will be talking about supporting a healthy lifestyle through the practice of yoga.

To another issue of Why Yoga Matters,


Morgan Green

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Part 9-How To Do Yoga When You Are Busy (Why Yoga Matters)

Yoga For Busy People

Welcome back! Last time, we talked about how yoga can help alleviate insomnia symptoms. This week, we are going to talk about yoga poses especially for busy professionals that are stuck in front of a computer all day.

Many busy professionals who are chained to their desks all day long often experience lower back pain as well as hip and joint pain. For the most part, the pain is often moderate and annoying, but over time it can become severe and even cause damage to the spine and joints.

Finding time to get the proper amount of physical exercise with a busy schedule is often very challenging too. However, there are certain yoga poses that you can perform while you’re on your break to help re-energize your body and alleviate the symptoms associated with a sedentary job.

Here are some poses to try:

– Warrior 2 Pose

Raise your arms up to the side with your fingers pointed. With your right foot, take a big step to the side and bend your knee. Keep your left leg planted and straight. Relax your shoulders and keep the upper body straight and strong. Sink into the stretch and remember to keep breathing. Hold the pose for a few seconds and then return to a standing position. Repeat on the other side.

– Hands Behind Head

Interlock your fingers behind your head and relax your elbows and shoulders. Breathe slowly and stretch your elbows back. Slowly release the tightness. You can do this one while seated in your office chair as well.

– The Tree Pose

Stand straight with your legs together. Bend your left leg and place the left foot on the inner right thigh. Your left toes should point toward the floor and the left knee points out. With your hands on your hips, try and even them out so they can be more-or-less leveled. Make sure your torso is facing straight ahead.

Once you feel balanced place your hands in a prayer position in front of your chest and then slowly lift your arms above your head, keeping the palms together. Gaze softly at a point in front of you and breathe deeply, holding for about 30 seconds. Return to the starting position and reverse legs. This is a simple, yet powerful pose that requires balance.
Online Yoga Class

– The Triangle Pose

Stand with your back towards the wall with your feet placed 2 or 3 feet apart. Keep your feet firmly on the floor and balance your weight on your heels and toes. Stretch your body up and press your shoulders back and let your arms hang at your side. Inhale.

As you exhale, slowly bend from the waist and slide your right hand down the right side as far as you can. Keep your hips level and your shoulders back. Your head should be turned to the side so it is at a right angle to the body. Hold this posture for 10 counts then inhale as you come back up to the starting position. Exhale and then repeat on the other side. Inhale again while you come back up to the starting position.

– Bharadvaja’s Twist


Sit in your chair with your knees bent and feet on the floor. On an inhale, lengthen your spine toward the ceiling and root your tailbone into your chair. On your exhale, bring your right hand to the outside of your left knee and begin to rotate into a twist.

Bring your left hand behind your back and rest it on your chair for support. Look out over your left shoulder. Stay in this position for a few breaths, moving deeper into the twist with each exhalation. Slowly rotate out of the twist and repeat on the other side.

These are only a few basic poses that you can practice while you’re at work. There are others that you may want to give a try as well:

– Standing Forward Bend
– Half Cow Face
– Seated Cat
– And the Half Eagle

The fact is doing yoga at work can help alleviate stress, minor aches, and pains as well as make your job a little bit more comfortable. Just doing a little bit of yoga at work can help increase your productivity as well. So, the next time you have a kink in your neck or an ache in your back, why not take a break and practice some yoga.

Keep a look out for the next post. We will be talking about getting energized with power yoga. Yes… it is a little bit different from core power yoga.

To another issue of Why Yoga Matters,


Morgan Green

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Part 8- How To Beat Insomnia With Yoga (Why Yoga Matters)

Beat Insomnia

Last time, we talked about the benefits and practice of Bikram (hot) yoga! Today, we are going to talk about how the practice of yoga can help you beat insomnia once and for all! As we all know, sleep is an essential part of good health. A good night’s sleep can help you feel energized, think clearly, and work more effectively.

But, the simple fact of the matter is that for some of us, sleep is not always so easy to come by. If you sometimes have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, you’re not alone. According to a recent study more than one-third of all Americans suffer from occasional or chronic insomnia.

Why Do So Many People Have Insomnia?

People are often surprised to learn that daytime drowsiness is not an inevitable, harmless, by-product of a busy lifestyle. Instead, it is a symptom of an underlying sleep problem that can be very harmful to your health.

Recent studies show that nearly a quarter of the population regularly cannot go to, or remain asleep. Every year doctors write more than 14 million prescriptions for sleeping pills alone.

While the general cause of insomnia varies from person to person, it is often related to some type of underlying medical condition like chronic pain along with stress. It could also be from outside stimuli, such as drinking tea, coffee or alcohol. Environmental factors certainly contribute to the inability to sleep properly too. Chronic or long-term insomnia is also associated with depression and anxiety.

Side Effects Caused By Insomnia

Sleepless nights, staring wild-eyed into the darkness, are often worse than having bad dreams. For many people getting a good night’s sleep seems impossible. One of the main side effects caused by a lack of sleep is fatigue. This can lead to the inability to think clearly or focus. People who suffer from chronic insomnia may also experience depression or be at risk for other mental and physical illnesses.

How Can Yoga Help With This?

As we well know, yoga is a great way to relieve stress, but did you know that it can also alleviate the effects of insomnia? It’s true, by practicing a regimen of vigorous yoga (power yoga) 4 times a week you will be able to train your body to relax which will enable you to drift off to sleep easier.

Of course, you will want to make sure that you don’t perform your work out too close to bedtime. Power yoga is very stimulating. It allows the body to absorb oxygen more efficiently, releases nervous tension, and promotes positive energy. Because of this, it is best to wait at least 3 hours after a vigorous workout before going to bed. This gives your body time to relax and your blood flow to return to normal.

While a regular yoga routine will be very beneficial, there are certain poses that are believed to be more effective when it comes to relieving insomnia. These include the Standing Forward Bend, the Happy Baby, the Cat/Cow (a combination of two poses) and the Corpse Pose. Breathing is also an essential part of helping to alleviate insomnia symptoms. So don’t forget to include rhythmic breathing exercises as a part of your yoga routine.

The best thing about using yoga to help you get a restful night’s sleep is that you can practice it in the comfort of your own home. You do not have to leave your house to practice yoga if you do not want to.

So, the next time you’re having trouble sleeping don’t forget to strike a pose before you go to bed.

Next time, we will be talking about yoga poses especially for busy professionals that are stuck in front of the computer all day.

To another issue of Why Yoga Matters,


Morgan Green

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