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healthiest foods Nutrition🍎🍌 🥒 🥕

Top 5 Healthiest Foods You Should Be Eating

Living longer is about exercising and eating only healthy foods. The healthier the foods that you eat, the more likely you are to live a happy life for a very long, long time. Obviously there are thousands upon thousands of healthy foods. Almost all vegetables that you may come across is likely healthy, as are the majority of all fruits. Natural grains tend to be in the upper pinnacle of…
Morgan Green
May 14, 2019
detox water Nutrition🍎🍌 🥒 🥕

Detox Water Recipes for Weight Loss

Detoxing is a great way to help your body eliminate toxins and heal from the inside out. There are many ways you can detox. From detoxing with water to detoxing with a smoothie, each comes with its own unique benefits. If you love drinking water or what to find ways to change your water into an illness fighting drink then keep on reading! At the end of this post, there…
Morgan Green
May 5, 2019
how to start detoxing Healthy Living🚴🏾‍♀️🧗🏾‍♀️Nutrition🍎🍌 🥒 🥕

This Is What You Didn’t Know About Detoxing

There are many different opinions when it comes to detoxing, but the fact still remains that detoxing is more than just losing weight or following a trend that the celebrities are doing. It is to eliminate toxins from the body that could have been caused by the environment, industrial chemicals, pesticides, additive foods, secondary smoke, pollutants, heavy metals, etc...hence the name 'detox'. You can also 'detox' your mind of negativity,…
Morgan Green
May 1, 2019
how to start detoxing Nutrition🍎🍌 🥒 🥕

This Is Why You Should Drink More Tea 🍵

Tea🍵 is one of my favorite beverages! Its soothing aroma just transports me to a place of peace, calm and relaxation.🛀 Whenever I am cold, ready for bed,🛌💤 or not feeling well,🤒😷🤧 a nice cup of tea🍵 always warms me right up, calms me right down, and makes me feel better instantly. Now you may be asking yourself, what is tea exactly, how is tea grown, and why is tea…
Morgan Green
April 27, 2019
organic cleaning Healthy Living🚴🏾‍♀️🧗🏾‍♀️

This Is Why You Should Use Organic Cleaning Products🧼🧽🏡

As our lives continue to get busier and busier, cleaning your home🏡 seems to be getting put on the back burner more and more. It is for me. When I do get around to cleaning, I like to use organic cleaning products.🌿🧼🧽 These products assure me that I am not spreading harmful chemicals around my house.🏡 Some of these harmful chemicals☠️ include ammonia, nonoxynols, methyl chloride, bleach and (unfortunately) many…
Morgan Green
April 23, 2019
superfood powders Nutrition🍎🍌 🥒 🥕

Top 5 Superfood Blends You Will Love ❤️

These are my top 3 favorite green superfood dietary supplements that I have added to my smoothies or post-workout shakes. These superfood supplements have helped me to get the daily recommended nutrients that I was missing from my diet. I love that I can add these blends into a delicious meal-replacing smoothie or with some water and go! The serving size for all of these is 1 scoop a day.
Morgan Green
April 19, 2019
change your lifestyle Healthy Living🚴🏾‍♀️🧗🏾‍♀️Nutrition🍎🍌 🥒 🥕

Reasons Why You Need To Change Your Lifestyle Then Your Diet!

Due to the enormous amount of information about diets on the internet, people who yearn to lead healthy lives end up being confused as to which diet will help them achieve their goals. The pendulum of 'which diet works' keeps swinging back and forth. People try adapting to different diets, but only a few are lucky to find one that helps them to successfully manage their health.
Morgan Green
April 15, 2019
ways to relax Wellness💆🏾

11 Ways To Be More Relaxed 🛀🏾

There will be days that you get stressed out and it could be over the littlest thing too. Like someone cutting you off when you are driving (this happens to me often and I lose it sometimes...smh🤦🏾‍♀️). If you let the pressure build-up, you could end up making irrational decisions. Therefore, it is vital to find ways to reduce your stress levels as you continue on your journey to creating…
Morgan Green
April 7, 2019

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