The Best Lifestyle Habits That Relieve Stress

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Getting rid of your bad habits is a hard thing to do.

You are not sure which ones are the best to give up or replace or even if they are really that bad to begin with.

Often, replacing a habit with another habit can be a great way to help you quit the first one.

For example, those who smoke may want to replace smoking cigarettes🚬 with vaping until they eventually wean themselves off of smoking completely.

Others prefer to swap harmful habits for good ones like deciding to pick up dance classes to give them something else to do.

I am going to talk about 4 different habits you can begin to incorporate into your life to help you not only relieve stress immediately but also replace a bad habit with as well!


lifestyle habits that relieve stress

Once again, regular exercise is one of the best lifestyle habits that you can have when it comes to improving your mental health.

It helps keep your stress levels under control since you are literally sweating them away.

Taking part in physical activities such as walking,🚶🏾‍♀️ running,🏃🏾‍♀️ cycling,🚴🏾‍♀️ and swimming🏊🏾‍♀️ can boost physical fitness, improve strength, and increase self-esteem.

Again, exercising is a great way to relieve stress because it releases feel-good chemicals into the brain.

It is also linked to reducing the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

If you are not a big fan of exercising…that is okay!

You can still get the benefits of relieving stress even if you go for a 10-minute walk🚶🏾‍♀️down the street.

If you are looking for a great workout program to get started, check out my review of Yoga Burn!

Meditation 🧘🏾‍♀️

lifestyle habits that relieve stress

Mindfulness meditation is a great habit to integrate into your life.

For centuries, meditation has been used to help people find the positive energy inside themselves.

When you have negative thoughts, those thoughts ultimately lead to an increase in stress because you begin to believe the negativity.

Meditation teaches you how to observe your thoughts and not give them any energy.

By not giving them any energy, you are not allowing them to rule your life.

Those who meditate regularly find that stressful situations no longer overwhelm them as much.

When they take the time to sit in silence and collect your thoughts the amount of stress that is reduced is significant.

Meditation requires you to breathe deeply,🌬which will oxygenate your brain🧠 and give you more energy.⚡️

You can take this amazing habit with you anywhere you go!

It is like your very own personal, portable stress reliever.

To enhance your meditation sessions, you can also purchase a diffuser and put a few drops of essential oils in it and allow the soothing aroma along with the calming light show it has to transport you to a place of peace.

You can even throw on some calming meditation music 🎶 to aid you during your meditation sessions as well.

This is what I do!



Getting creative can be one of the best ways to deal with stress.

The best part is you don’t have to be an artist🎨 in order to be successful.

There have been many studies which directly link using the creative side of your brain to reduce stress.

One of the best ways to activate that creative side of your brain is through coloring books and I do not mean the kid ones!

There are many adult coloring books that have been used to lower stress.

I have even used them myself and I love it!

The simple act of coloring in pictures, or perhaps doing something else that is creative such as baking, cooking, needlework or even DIY projects, can be very therapeutic.

Having some distraction from your thoughts and focusing on something else is another stress reliever in and of itself too.

So, if you’re feeling stressed out, it might be time to take up a new creative hobby.

Friends and Family

lifestyle habits that relieve stress

When you’re feeling stressed out, it can be easy to try and hide your stress levels from your family and close friends.

It’s only natural as you do not want to worry them.

However, knowing when to ask for support and having the best people around you to offer that, can be very important if you want to effectively manage your stress.

Having somebody to talk to and confide in about whatever is stressing you out can help you by giving you an outsider’s perspective.

This will allow you to think differently about your current situation.

Along with that, having people to turn to can stop you from putting too much pressure on yourself.

This will give you more time to relax🛀🏾 and keep on top of your mental health.

To Wrap Things Up…

These are just some of the many different lifestyle habits that can help you to relieve stress in your life.

Kicking your old habits to the curb can be challenging, but it can be done!

By replacing your bad habits with new ones can help to eliminate your current stressors.

Try picking up a new creative hobby or hang out with your loved ones!

You can also try to find ways to just take a step back from what is currently stressing you out.

This will allow you to clear your head and think about it in a different light.💡

By thinking clearly, you will be able to come up with the best plan of action in getting rid of that problem altogether.

You do not have to allow stress to dictate your life or really allow it to be a part of your life.

By utilizing these simple yet effective ways of getting rid of stress fast can help you stay on top of your stress levels and be able to know when they begin to build up again.

Definitely try some of these ways mentioned above☝🏾and let me know in the comments below👇🏾 how they have helped you!

To incorporating more healthy habits into your life,


Morgan Green

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This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclaimer for more info.

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