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These Foods Will Affect Your Mood

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Few things affect our state of mind, aka our mood, as profoundly as food.

Women being propelled by some mysterious hormonal force to eat chocolate🍫during their menstrual cycle or while they are PMSing is one good example.

There’s just something in that chocolate that makes them feel so good!😏

Emotional Ties To Food Changes Your Mood

Aside from the emotional ties around food, there is also the physiological side that affects your mood.

We’ve all seen children throwing tantrums in the cereal aisle or at the checkout stand where all the candy is strategically placed for impulse buying.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen such outbursts in the vegetable🍆🥦🍅🥒🥕🌽 aisle.

If you have seen a child do this, PLEASE share this observation in FULL details in the comment section below!👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾

Many people crave comfort food, especially if they are having a bad day.

I am speaking from experience.

My favorite comfort food is Ben and Jerry’s Non-Dairy Caramel Almond Brittle ice cream. 🍨

It is sweet and oh so good!😋

Definitely get this from the grocery store since it will be cheaper and not in bulk like it is online!

Comfort foods are high in carbohydrates, which the body immediately converts into sugar upon consumption and can store away as fat.

Consuming processed and refined foods which contain huge amounts of sugar and artificial ingredients and practically no dietary fiber renders the eater into a blood sugar nightmare.

But it is good while you are eating it…👍🏾

To change your eating habits by incorporating more organic foods into your diet, definitely check out my blog post on “Why Eat Organic,” where I go into more details about how to start a healthy living lifestyle through the power of eating organic!

Foods That Give A False Sense of Energy

foods that affect your mood

Even cooked starches that are considered healthy such as sweet potatoes, 🍠 brown rice, 🍚 and whole grain anything are converted into simple sugars quickly in the body.

This gives an immediate burst of false energy and a short-lived sense of well being.

It is then followed by a nasty letdown and what some call ‘self-induced hypoglycemia.’

This is pretty much a self-induced sugar high followed by the crash.

Many people feel exhausted, cranky and unable to focus after the letdown phase.

At that time, your body would compel you to simply eat more of the substance that gave you that happy rush in the first place.

Now you see how addictions are created.

Ever tried to be in a good mood, feel jubilant about life or get lots of work done when you are in the agony of caffeine☕️ withdrawal?

The main function of most anti-depressants on the market is to enhance the uptake of that famous ‘feel-good hormone,’ serotonin.

When this brain chemical🧠 is low, people crave carbohydrates and comfort foods in order to increase its production.

All of this can be avoided by simply nourishing your brain properly.

Nutrient or serotonin deficiencies will not exist.

Consequently, you can also avoid the addictions that can keep you bound to the constant highs and lows that come with it.

Raw Vegan Diet


Now, this section of this blog post is not about having you become a raw vegan.

It is going to talk more about how this kind of diet can help stabilize your mood.

To me, a raw vegan diet is more of a detox kind of diet.

It helps to clean out your body from toxins and helps to heal any injuries you may have internally or externally.

I do not recommend being on a raw vegan diet for a long period of time, but listen to your body and if this diet works for you then make it a lifestyle!

Now back to what a raw vegan diet is. ☺️

A raw vegan diet is eating foods that are not cooked or processed in anyway. It helps you to maintain and regulate your mood as well.

This is due to the fact that you are not ingesting any toxins, food additives, harmful substances, or any artificial flavors or ingredients.

Moreover, raw foods are loaded with fiber to keep your intestinal tract and colon in tip-top shape and clean.

Imagine if you didn’t clean out your body and your colon is overloaded with waste.

This waste is then recirculated back into the bloodstream again and again.

How peaceful or blissful can you feel when your body’s own waste is nourishing your brain?

Gross right? 🤢

That would give me anxiety let alone stress!

A lot of the foods you would eat on a raw vegan diet include fruits,🍎🍐🍌🍓🍍🍉🍇 vegetables,🥦🍅🌽🥕🥒 nuts, and seeds.

The vegetables you eat get into your body and helps your liver and your kidneys clean things out.

Fruits get into your body and help you heal any inflammation that is there.

These foods are high in fiber, but also in natural sugars so be careful because they could cause your insulin levels to rise significantly.

This could deplete your serotonin supplies fast.

So after a period of detoxification, which may be a bumpy road as your emotions are detoxifying as well, your mind becomes clearer and sharper since it will be nourished on a cellular level.

In addition to that, your skin will begin to clear up, your senses sharpen and you begin to see the sun☀️ come out in your life once again.

If you are interested in getting started with a raw food diet, I recommend checking out ‘The Fully Raw Diet: 21 Days to Better Health, with Meal and Exercise Plans, Tips, and 75 Recipes’ from Fully Raw Kristina.

Now that is a mood swing in a positive direction and that is all through the power of food.

When you feel good you begin to have a better outlook on life.

Again, this can all be achieved through the power of eating right!

To Wrap Things Up…

Your mood is highly affected by what you eat.

This is how the whole concept of ‘hangry’ was created.

When you are hungry you become a whole different person and usually an angry one.

But when you incorporate healthy, wholesome foods into your life through a raw vegan diet, the Paleo diet or the Keto diet, you can begin to see changes not only in your mood but also in your body.

It’s only natural!

If you can incorporate more fruits and veggies into your diet your mood will begin to change TREMENDOUSLY!

The best way to incorporate more of these amazing food items into your diet is through the consumption of green smoothies.

Green smoothies are packed with antioxidants and full of vitamins and minerals to help heal your body from any damage or injuries it may have.

It also helps to regulate your digestive tract.

A happy belly is a happy person!

Your body will thank you for the kindness you have shown it by intaking more fruits, but definitely more veggies.

To knowing how food affects you,


Morgan Green

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This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclaimer for more info.

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