This Is How Meditation Can Give You A Quieter Mind

Meditation Quieter Mind
Let’s have a recap. Mediation by definition is used to describe an individual’s state of intense attention on an object of awareness or thought. Many people want to practice meditation so that they can focus their mind on God for their personal development, to attain peace of mind, and to be healthier. I am going to talk to you about the 4 main steps to how meditation can give you a quieter mind.
Before we get started, I wanted to remind you again that meditation is a practice. Because of this, try not to have any expectations when you first start out. It takes time to begin seeing results and trying to rush it will only bring you more frustration and stress. Those are the main things we are trying to get rid of. The art of meditating is just that…an art, so everyone’s experience and progress will be different.
Now onto the steps!

Step 1–> Find A Quiet Location (If Possible)

If you are in a noisy location, it may be hard to block out the noise and focus. I definitely cannot focus when there is music blasting or a ton of people talking. Try to find a quiet place at all cost so you can get the most out of your meditation session.

Step 2–> Get Into A Comfortable Position

Once you are in a quiet location, getting into a comfortable position will be a little bit easier. I usually lie on my bed or sit upright on a meditation cushion legs crossed. It is important to find a comfortable position. If you don’t then you will be focusing on how uncomfortable you are. You definitely can’t have a quieter mind if it is thinking about how uncomfortable you are.

Step 3–> Focus On Your Breathing

In many of my other blog posts, I talk a lot about the breath. Breath is vital to your survival. If you do not have any oxygen in your lungs…you die. When you are busy throughout the day, how you are breathing is the last thing on your mind. Take a second right now and focus on your breath.
Are you taking deep long breaths in or short quick ones? Is your breath rich and juicy to where your full lung capacity is being used or is your breath shallow? It is good to be aware of how you are breathing. Make sure you are inhaling deeply and exhaling deeply to get the full benefits of your meditation practice as well as the full use of your lungs.
By just focusing on your breath, your mind begins to slow down.

Step 4–> Detach From Your Thoughts

In one of my recent posts, I talked about how you are NOT your thoughts. I am going to touch upon this topic again. When you are meditating, your mind is going to be flooded with thoughts.
This happens to me all the time especially when I am sitting still not doing anything. I feel like it is an open invitation for negative thoughts to come. My mind goes on a frenzy. I will think about things that happened to me a long time ago. These things would be super random too like when I scared my co-worker at work or when I slipped in the library in high school. I would be reminded of the embracement it brought me and then those feelings would try to make an appearance.
What mediation teaches you is to allow those thoughts and feelings to come. When they come, ignore them. Try not to give them any energy. The best way I do this is by imagining boats passing by a harbor. The boats do not land at the harbor, but they just pass by. Some may toot their horns and others don’t.
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The boats represent my thoughts/memories of things that happened in the past that I may still be holding on to. Some thoughts or memories are bigger/have more weight behind them than others. Those are represented by the horn sounds. As I meditate, I imagine me in a pretty cute yellow or teal dress, at the edge of a wooden harbor with my feet dangling and I am watching the boats pass by. I do not wave at them or make any movements, I just observe them passing by and leaving my mind.
Try imagining your thoughts as feathers blowing in the wind or boats passing by a harbor. The main goal here is to just observe your thoughts and try not give them any energy. When you do this, you are telling yourself these negative thoughts are not important. You are literally telling your mind to let them go.
If you notice that your mind is wandering too much, that is okay. Just gently bring yourself back to center by focusing on your breath or counting each inhale and exhale. As you continue to do this regularly you will notice a huge change in your mindset and have better control over it.
This is how meditation can help you achieve a quieter mind. It will take some practice so take it one day at a time.

To a quieter mind,


Morgan Green

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