The New Way To Live In The Present!

Live In The Present

What does it really mean to live in the present? It means to enjoy the time you have right now and not focus on the past or worry about the future.

Is There Even A Tomorrow?

There is a saying that says, “Tomorrow never comes.” Tomorrow is only a concept and is always waiting to come around the corner. When you think about it, there really isn’t a tomorrow because when ‘tomorrow’ comes it becomes ‘today’ and when it passes it becomes ‘yesterday’.

Did you know that you are giving up your personal power when you live in the past or in the future? You are giving up on your life. It is like this movie I watched when I was younger called, “Click” with Adam Sandler. His character literally wished his life away because he wanted so badly to get to the future. He missed out on life and did not enjoy the present moment.

Why ‘Not Living’ In The Present Is Bad

By not living in the present, you are surrendering your power to create and to transform your life for the better. If there were changes you wanted to make in your life, you can only do that in the present. Keep in mind that the ONLY part of your life that you have ANY control over is the present. Not the past and most definitely not the future, so by not living in the present and focusing on those two points in time, you are missing out on a lot in life.

How To Accept The Life You Have Now

The best way to accept the life that you have now is by learning from past mistakes and living each day to the fullest. How often do you beat yourself up about the things you did in the past? I know I have MANY TIMES, but the fact still remains…I cannot go back and change it. No matter how often I think about it or wish I said ‘this’ or did ‘that’.  Just to restate it, you only have control of the present. You can learn from the past and prepare for the future by making plans in the present. Once you can accept this fact and can forgive yourself completely, then and only then can you finally move forward in life and not hang on to the past.

The future is a similar concept. You can’t even see the future let alone change any part of it, but it’s like the saying says, “Tomorrow never comes”. Truly there is no ‘tomorrow’ when you think about it because it turns into today. In that case, you kind of have no choice, but to live in the present.

So try to enjoy each day that is given to you. You can’t get it back once it passes. Making the most of each day will bring so much joy to your life. It does for me. Try your best to not allow your mindset or your current circumstances to keep you from living in the present either. You can master your mindset and your circumstances can change in a blink of an eye so try to not let that hold you back.

To living in the present starting today,


Morgan Green

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