Eat Your Way To Calm Part 2-Put Together Your Diet Plan

Planning your meals wisely is key to not only staying physically fit and healthy but also to staying mentally strong and being able to best manage your levels of stress. Knowing which foods to avoid and which are the best to reach for to snack on when you’re feeling worried and anxious is important to helping you get control over your emotions and fears.

When you’re feeling stressed out, you may be tempted to reach for classic ‘comfort foods’ usually foods which are laden with sugar, very starchy, or greasy. However, although these foods can make you feel momentarily better, they will actually make you feel worse in the long run. Having stress-busting snacks such as fresh berries, dark chocolate, yogurt, walnuts or pistachios, or even a fruit smoothie with avocado and leafy greens in it can help you to feel better in both the short and long term when it comes to stress.

When it comes to combating and dealing with stress in the long run, it’s important to make sure that for the most part, you have a diet that is healthy and balanced. In order to stay on track, it’s a good idea to make a meal plan for your week and plan ahead to make sure that you have a good selection of these stress-busting foods in your kitchen. Set yourself up for success and create meals and snacks with these different foods when you feel like stress eating.

Making sure that the majority of your meals include foods such as lean proteins and leafy, green vegetables will make you feel healthier overall, both physically and mentally. Remember, the foods you eat can contribute to your stress levels. A good example of a healthy, stress-busting menu would be:


Breakfast: Oatmeal with berries or a fruit smoothie with avocado and berries

Mid-Morning Snack: Natural yogurt with fruit or a handful of pistachio nuts

Lunch: A pasta salad filled with plenty of leafy greens

Afternoon Snack: Dark chocolate

Dinner: Grass-fed beef with vegetables

Before Bed: Chamomile tea

Of course, you don’t need to stick to this menu, but it gives you a good foundation to build upon and have an idea of what to eat! Remember to exercise and use good portion control when eating foods such as nuts, chocolate, yogurt or avocados. As the saying goes, you are what you eat, so make sure that first and foremost, you’re filling yourself up with foods which are good for your mental health.

Stay on the lookout for another installment of Eating Your Way To Calm.

To your health,


Morgan Green

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