5 Ways To Live In the Present

To finish up our last conversation about living in the present, here are 5 ways that can help you to focus on today:

1. Don’t Try To Quiet Your Mind

The hardest thing to do when trying to live in the moment is to quiet your mind. Your mind is always racing no matter what you do. We are built to think. When we try to quiet the mind we actually disturb it all the more. Instead, simply observe your thoughts as if they were pure sound. There are no good or bad thoughts…don’t try to judge or engage them just simply observe them.

2. You Are Not Your Thoughts

More times than we can count we identify ourselves with our thoughts. We begin to believe that we are the dialogue in our heads which could not be father from the truth. We are more than our thoughts…you are more than your thoughts. We are the force that moves through our mind, body, and spirit. Knowing this helps us to overcome the fear of quietness and silence and to have peace that if our minds are quiet and still, we are not losing touch with ourselves.

3. Breathe…You Are Alive

Take time right now and stop reading and shift your focus to your breathing,
I can wait…

Notice that your breath is neither voluntary or involuntary. It is something that you do, yet at the same time it is something that “does you”. When you focus on your breathing you come back to the present moment. Practice conscious breathing every day to bring you mind back to the present.

4. Music For Meditation

Music and the sounds of nature is one of the best ways to help you to meditate and allow a peaceful energy to wash over you. It is not only calming, but it helps to transport you to a place of focus. I enjoy listening to the sounds of nature when I meditate to help my mind to become more clear and to go to a more relaxed state.

5. Practice Mindfulness

This is the essence of living in the present. Practicing mindfulness means to practice your awareness in every part of your day. Whether you are washing clothes or eating dinner, your mind is focused on what you are doing at that present moment. You are not thinking about the bills that you need to pay or the phone call you need to make when you get back into the office…you are simply living in that moment.

I hope these 5 ways help you to live in the present moment, let go of the past, and try not to worry about the future. Remember, the only control you have and the only enjoyment you can have is in the present so make the most of it!

To your new found peace of mind,

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